About Me

Name: Sara
Alias: Jade
Age: 19
Residing in: Oregon, USA
Occupation: Waitress
Currently playing: Ether Saga Online & .Hack//sign: Infection (PS2)

A little about me: I was born in San Pedro, California and moved up to Arlington, WA when I was six. I started college when I was in my junior year of high school, earned the rest of my high school credits there and as a result didn't have to attend my senior year in high school. I then remained in college for a year after I graduated high school. I currently have 63 credits towards the 90 required to get my Associates in Arts degree. March '08 I started my own cleaning company and hired on a friend of mine. The business bloomed during the summer and fall but rapidly decreased as the year went on. The lack of business and conflicts between my partner and I ultimately resulted in the closure of the company April '09. Soon after I moved down to the Salem, Oregon area with my boyfriend where I just got a job as a waitress at a cafe nearby.

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Opened: July 15th 2009
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