General Rules:
1. Must be your own work (not including the base).
2. No frankendolling, drag'n'drops, etc.
3. Must be saved in transparent .gif form.
4. One entry per person and one doll per entry (unless otherwise specified)
5. Image cannot exceed 250x300px
6. Animation is allowed only if minimal (5 frames or under)
7. You may include your copyright or signature if you wish.
8. All bases allowed unless otherwise stated.

Sending in your entry
Please include the following:
1. You name or alias
2. Base credit (URL) and prop credit (if any)
3. Your website URL (if you don't own a website and don't want me to link your e-mail address please let me know.)

Send entries to with the above information, your doll attached to the e-mail, and the contest name as the subject.

Current Contests:
Magic Tricks Gone Wrong

Your doll can be the magician's assistant, a lucky audience member or the magician them self. The objective is to doll the result of a magic trick gone seriously wrong. Please include a 3-4 sentence story/explanation.

Here are a couple sites to give you ideas:
+10 Most dangerous magic tricks
+Wikipedia world's most dangerous magic
Feel free to come up with other ideas

Gore is encouraged!
Mild nudity is also ok. ;]

Contest ends when I receive 10 entries.

1st place: award + custom doll & pixel
2nd place: award + custom doll or pixel
3rd place: award
Most Creative: award
People's Choice: award
Individual Judge's Choice: award

-All winners who have a webpage/DA account will also get their link put up on my links page.-
Macabaret used to be a cabaret singer until she fell in love with a magician. The magician's "saw in half" trick turned out to be a haux. He then continued to mutilate her body by gauging out her eye, sewing her vagina shut,  shaving half of her hair off, and replacing her missing torso with a cage where she keeps her three pet butterflies, hoping no one would ever find her attractive again.